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Fill your street with friendliness.

We know that people in Dudley borough care about their communities, and never has this been more obvious than during the Covid-19 pandemic. People from all walks of life have been coming together to support others in their community, and we have witnessed amazing acts of kindness and community spirit.

From food shopping, running errands, phoning people who live on their own or are self-isolating and collecting prescriptions, to organising socially distanced street get togethers for VE day, setting up street based WhatsApp groups to stay connected, and creating community arts to lift people’s spirits; many people have reached out and are supporting their neighbours and communities in creative and inspiring ways.

For many people this is nothing new; but for some, Covid-19 has brought an opportunity for reflection, greater connection with their neighbourhood as a place and with the people, and time to get more involved and experience the benefits of greater community involvement.

As we look to the future, these strong community connections and relationships will continue to be important, to ease the impact of isolation and welcome people out of their homes into close knit communities. Making the borough vision of “a place of healthy, resilient, safe communities with high aspirations and the ability to shape their own future” a reality.

The ‘As One’ initiative exists to help capture and share stories from our local streets, neighbourhoods, communities and from across the borough; to provide hope, inspiration and encouragement for the future, and to support this community spirit to continue to flourish.