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NOW CLOSED - Consultation on proposed changes to Dudley's Transport Policy for children and young people

Consultation on proposed changes to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Transport Policy for children and young people, specifically the Travel Assistance Policy for children and young people attending school / college: Age 4+ to 16 and the Post-16 Transport Statement.

Purpose of the consultation

Following a public consultation during 2022, the All-Age Travel Support Policy, procedures and Post 16 Statement have been updated. The All-Age Travel Support policy will be effective from 3rd April 2023 and the Post 16 Statement from 1st September 2023.

The main change is that support for children under compulsory school age (pre-school) has been removed, as it is not a statutory obligation. However, the Council will continue to use its discretion in complex cases and children in receipt of support at the 1st April 2023 will continue to receive it.

We are improving our internal processes and procedures, updating forms and improving links between websites such as between Dudley Council and Dudley's SEND Local Offer.

Alongside these changes, the Council is also developing more local specialist provision in pre-school, primary and secondary settings from September 2023.

For more information please visit our education travel support pages.