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Consultation on proposed changes to Dudley's Transport Policy for children and young people

Consultation on proposed changes to Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council’s Transport Policy for children and young people, specifically the Travel Assistance Policy for children and young people attending school / college: Age 4+ to 16 and the Post-16 Transport Statement.

Purpose of the consultation

This consultation document sets out the proposed changes, with effect from September 2022 (this has now been revised to January 2023) that the council  is considering making to its Transport (Travel Assistance) Policy for children and young people.  

As this proposal would impact children and families across the Borough, the council is required to consult a range of stakeholders. The 90 day consultation period has now closed.  

The aim of the consultation was to provide the communities and individuals potentially affected by these changes with an opportunity to consider the proposal and submit a response, through a range of mediums.

The new policy is due to be implemented from January 2023. This so that the council can thoroughly review and consider all the responses. We also want to work further with the Dudley Parent Carer Forum to ensure that our final draft policy is fit for purpose. The new timetable is detailed below.