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Let’s Get Digital aspires to expand Dudley Council’s digital services to the community. How best can we use our digital platforms? What services can we improve and/or launch to make people’s lives easier and more efficient? We invite residents to have their say and help us find ways to improve the future of our local government services.

Dudley Council hopes that by creating well-designed digital services, that are both easy to use and meet the needs of people, it will lead to an improvement in people’s ability to interact with the council.

Dudley Council is working with The Democratic Society to plan and deliver a series of resident engagement workshops in January 2020, after a comprehensive recruitment and induction process taking place this month (December).

Frequently Answered Questions

Why is Dudley Council doing this?

Dudley Council really want to understand how they can make their digital services and their website the best they can be to make them easier to use and meet your needs. Dudley Council also wants to understand why people might use face to face services over digital and how they might be able to support people to access services in the easiest way possible.

Who has funded this?

Dudley Council has funded this project.

Who is involved?

The sign-up process is being managed and co-ordinated by The Democratic Society, a non-profit organisation who are experts in designing and facilitating citizen engagement projects throughout the UK and Europe. Dudley Council's public health team is leading this work.

How do I take part?

Complete this form and we'll be in touch in December if you have been successful. We are going to review applicants on the 13th December.

What if I don't hear anything by the end of December?

Unfortunately this means you haven't been selected. We're expecting lots of people to be interested in taking part. We have included a question at the end of this form which asks if you want to be involved in future community projects even if you're not selected this time.

Is there a big commitment needed from me?

We'll need you to attend four workshops in January and early February in the evening or at the weekend. But we hope you will really enjoy the process, meet new people and have fun! We'll also give you £80 for your help with this. We'll make sure we do everything we can to meet your needs and we'll find out more about what will make it enjoyable and easy for you during our introduction process if you are selected. We will also cover any travel or childcare expenses you may need. This will be in the form of a bank transfer or vouchers (whichever you prefer). If you are currently receiving any welfare benefits, you should speak to your adviser to make sure this won't affect your benefits. We are happy to help you with this.

What if I find using digital really difficult or I can't use the internet at all?

We need you! We want a range of people with a range of experiences to take part in this project, all that we ask is that you are open to using the internet and can talk about the difficulties or obstacles that you face when trying to be digital. Your life experience and ideas are vital for us to include in our recommendations to the council. We will give you lots of support to take part fully with the workshops. The workshops won't all be about using a computer or tablet, we will be having lots of group discussions for the majority of this work.