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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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Why Engagement is Important to the Council

Dudley Council is committed to making the borough a great place to live and work, and improving the quality of life for all our residents. To achieve this we are aware of the need to base our services around the needs of our communities and residents. Community engagement is therefore vital in giving the Council the information we need to help us develop and improve these services and is why we are committed to seeking your involvement.

How Community Engagement Helps us

The feedback and information we receive from community engagement benefit the Council in many different ways, such as:

  • Helping provide better quality services that are more efficient and better suited to meeting the needs of our communities and residents.
  • Showing the levels of satisfaction with our services.
  • Helping set performance standards and targets so that they reflect what you, the public, expect and need from the Council.
  • Helping the Council respond to issues of concern to you.
  • Helping the Council make decisions about services and budgets.
  • Helping ensure there is good communication between the Council and the public and that ideas are shared well.


Recent national government legislation and guidance emphasizes the importance of engaging with and involving service users and the public in local government. Additionally, there are a number of issues whereby the Council is required to engage with the public.

  • Comprehensive Area Assessment (CAA)

This is the new performance framework and guides for the Council and local authorities and examines how well the Council involves local people in decisions that affect them and the areas they live.

  • Customer satisfaction and Council Improvement Planning:

There are a number of areas where customer satisfaction levels are used by Council inspectors to judge how well we address the needs and expectations of local people.

  • Statutory Obligations:

There are a number of areas where the Council has a statutory duty to engage with the public. These include: 

  • planning applications
  • Local structural plans
  • School closures and
  • early years and educational development plans.