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Pupil Premium Plus and Early Years Pupil Premium (for CiC) and PLAC

Pupil Premium Plus and Early Years Pupil Premium are payments made by the government to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and narrow the gap with their peers.

What are the arrangements for paying Pupil Premium Plus?

  • All Children In Care (CiC) aged 5-16, who are in full time education are eligible to receive support funded by the Pupil Premium Plus as soon as they enter care.
  • The Local Authority receive £2345 for each eligible looked child in care, aged 5-16.
  • Most of the funding received by the Local Authority will be distributed to schools as they are usually best placed to decide on the interventions and support that will work for the children on their roll.
  • The Virtual School will withhold a proportion of the funds for 5- 16 year olds, to enable them to target children, in this cohort, who need additional support.
  • The Virtual School will send state maintained schools £500 per term for each Dudley CiC, aged 5-16, on their roll, linked to the targets agreed in the Personal Education Plans. The payment will be made at the end of every term.
  • If a child becomes eligible during the year their school will receive a pro rata proportion of the Pupil Premium Plus for CiC.
  • If a pupil moves school during the year both schools will receive a proportion of the Pupil Premium.
  • Independent schools will not receive any Pupil Premium automatically.
  • All schools can apply, via their Education Adviser, to the Virtual School for additional funding if they are unable to meet a child's needs using existing resources. Applications are made via ePEP Online.
  • Children educated in Dudley, but in the care another local authority, have their Pupil Premium Plus paid through the authority that looks after them (not Dudley). Each authority is likely to have a different system of distributing the Pupil Premium.

Early Years Pupil Premium

  • CiC who are 3 and 4 years of age and are taking up their free early education entitlement are eligible to receive support funded by the Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP).
  • The Local Authority will receive £300 per year for each eligible CiC from the term following their 3rd birthday.
  • The Virtual School will send Early Years Settings £100 per term for each eligible child on their roll (subject to the setting completing the application form and submitting it to the Virtual school by the date indicated in the Guidance below).

Previously Looked After Children (PLAC)

A child or young person who is Previously Looked After is eligible for Pupil Premium Plus funding of £2345.
This is payable to the educational setting the child or young person attends and NOT the Virtual School. The PLAC is identified via the latest school census.

The Virtual School monitors the use of the Pupil Premium via the child's Personal Education Plan (PEP) and provides guidance and advice on how it is spent.