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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

Local Agenda 21 is about involving local communities in drawing up action plans for the future based on issues which are considered important in working towards a sustainable environment.

We aim to conserve and enhance the ecology and landscape character of the Borough. Managing and maintaining the broad range of biodiversity and actively protecting the best wildlife sites. We are already working with many partners towards improving the environment.

Arboriculture and Trees

Trees are an important part of our heritage and environment. There are many benefits of trees and we have the power to make Tree Preservation Orders to control the work which is undertaken to trees that make an important contribution to the local area.

We deal with the inspection and care of the council's tree stock, primarily on highways and parks and open spaces.

Arboriculture and Trees

Historic Environment

The Historic Environment Section works to conserve the locally distinctive historic character of the Borough as a whole, both within historic townships and also in the spaces between and beyond them. This includes giving advice on issues relating to:

Ecological / Geological Services

Biodiversity is the whole range of living things, from the largest tree down to the smallest creature. It includes not only well known animals and flowering plants but also little known insects, mosses, lichens and fungi.

Ecological / Geological Services

Action for Biodiversity in Dudley

The world is losing biodiversity at an ever-increasing rate as a result of human activity. In the UK we have lost over 100 species during the last century, with many more species and habitats in danger of disappearing, especially at the local level.

A Biodiversity Working Group was set up. Composed of representatives from local conservation organisations, the group contributed to the LA21 Action Plan by preparing actions and targets for Biodiversity, linked to the Birmingham and Black Country Biodiversity Action Plan.

Biodiversity Action Plan leaflet (PDF 2.14MB)

Landscape character assessment

Landscape character assessment is a technique that has been developed to facilitate systematic analysis, description and classification of the landscape. It involves identification of features or combinations of elements that contribute to the character of the landscape.

The assessment provides a clear understanding of the issues affecting the landscape, enabling the development of appropriate recommendations for its future conservation and management.