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There are 22 Conservation Areas in Dudley Borough. Some are canal centred, some are set around open space or canals and others around local shopping or residential centres. They are a particularly important part of the Borough's heritage, which the Council is committed to preserving and enhancing.

  • Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest and fine examples of the Borough's unique and varied heritage. They invariably have a concentration of historic buildings many of which are statutorily listed buildings or locally listed buildings.
  • Conservation areas in Dudley Borough all reflect a local distinctiveness - that is they reflect the style of the area and have developed over many years. They normally include many varied features, both special and commonplace.
  • Their character and attraction comprise more than buildings alone. The uses they are put to and the spaces around and between them are also important. A conservation area, therefore, protects the whole area and not just the buildings within it.
  • The aim of designation is to control and manage change to conserve what is special about the area and, where possible, improve it.
  • The designation of a conservation area can attract heritage based funding that would not otherwise be available.
  • Conservation Areas are designated by Dudley Council, following public consultation. From time to time the Council reviews the areas and their boundaries.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals & Management Plans

Appraisals analyse and describe the character and appearance of an area. They should be used alongside existing statutory planning policies, detailed guidance and site-specific development briefs to provide additional information for development proposals.

Conservation Area Character Appraisals and Management Plans have been produced for the following Conservation Areas in Dudley:

Is your property in a conservation area?

You can find out if a property is in a conservation area by:

Planning Controls in Conservation Areas

  • changes to external features like doors and windows
  • satellite dishes
  • alterations to roofs
  • the demolition and erection of garden walls
  • building new structures or extensions
  • demolishing buildings.

Demolition in Conservation Areas

Please note that in a conservation area you need permission for the demolition of an unlisted building and permission to take down any wall, gate or fence. From 1 October 2013, the Government has changed the legislation so there will no longer be the requirement to submit a separate application for conservation area consent for the demolition of these structures in a conservation area, demolition works in conservation areas will now require planning permission. This change means that whilst the permission of the Council is still required, it is no longer necessary to submit two applications for development proposals involving the demolition and replacement of a building in a conservation area (one for planning permission and one for conservation area consent). The existing fee exemption will continue to apply where the planning application relates solely to demolition works.

Article 4 Directions

Additional controls are applied to minor developments within certain conservation areas in the form of Article 4 Directions. These directions can control small-scale change that can gradually erode the character of a conservation area, such as alterations to windows and doors or the creation of car parking space at the front of a property. Where an Article 4 Direction is applied, planning permission would be required for specified developments.

Article 4 Direction, apply in three of Dudley's conservation areas: Love Lane, the Leasowes and part of Mushroom Green.

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