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Air Quality Information for Kids

Welcome to our Kids Information

These webpages provide a wealth of information suitable for all backgrounds and ages on air quality. It is designed for children and local schools interested in air quality and environmental issues.

School Rush Hour

Most people will have noticed the difference in the amount of traffic on the roads at rush hour during term-time as compared to the school holidays. Generally, there seems to be less traffic on the roads at rush-hour during the school holidays and journey times are noticeably less due to the absence of the school run traffic.

Dudley Kids' Artwork!

We want you to show us how imaginative and creative you can be by designing an air pollution picture! Simply send us your picture and we will look to feature it in our online gallery!

Alternatively if you have any interesting pollution or air quality photos you have taken yourself, please send them to us and we will display them on the site.

Air Quality Monitoring In Schools

A number of schools have now assisted the council in its monitoring programme, with diffusion tubes located on their premises. Each month we asked the participating schools to assist in exchanging tubes and the sample from the previous month was then sent away for testing. The data collected was relayed back to the school for educational purposes and also formed part of our reporting on air quality in the borough. Teaching resources have been developed to help explain air quality issues to children and to view and manipulate their monitoring results using Excel tables.

Your school can take part too! If you are interested in joining our monitoring programme or downloading the teaching resources, please follow the link below to find out more:

What Can We Do To Improve Air Quality?

If we all reduce the amount of fuel we use and the number of chemicals used at home, we will improve the quality of the air that we breathe and help the global problem.

Walking or cycling to school is not only good for your health but it will save on fuel costs and help reduce local air pollution. Using public transport whenever you can will also reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality.