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More than 100 historic landfills (also called closed landfills) are recorded in the Dudley Borough. Many of these were used for waste disposal before the 1970s when there were few controls on waste disposal activities.

It was common practice to infill quarries, pits and similar with waste. Historic waste disposal may result in land contamination and the production of ground gases such as methane and carbon dioxide.

Risk varies on a site-specific basis and factors, such as the age and nature of landfilled wastes, influence risk.

The council provides access to its database of closed landfill sites. You can select an address and the current mapping for that location is displayed along with the boundary of any historic landfill site recorded. Then you can view the datasheet associated with any landfill site shown which provides summary information.

The Environment Agency issue environmental permits and regulate operating waste disposal sites in England. Information about currently operating landfill sites in Dudley Borough is available below: