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It is illegal to dispose of commercial waste in a commercial bonfire, and you should consider energy efficiency and recycling waste. However, householders may have garden bonfires but you should consider recycling your waste. Please contact us for more information or browse the information below:

Garden Bonfires (Domestic)

Air pollution in Dudley Borough is a significant issue, Garden Bonfires can make it worse. Garden bonfires and burning other rubbish can sometimes cause problems if not carried out with care.

Burning garden waste produces smoke and pollutants which can damage the environment and can be harmful to health. Burning rubber, plastic or painted materials not only creates unpleasant smells but also emits a cocktail of potentially poisonous chemicals into the air.

Rather than burning your garden waste consider composting or using the Garden Waste Collection service (green wheelie bins or bulk collection).

Organising a bonfire or fireworks display

If you are organising a bonfire display, make sure everyone involved knows what they are doing to avoid any accidents. Find out about your responsibilities to the public and the people working with you when organising a fireworks display. Please contact us for further information.

Fireworks and Bonfire Safety

Fireworks are the cause of around a thousand serious accidents every year and it should be remembered that they are dangerous explosives.

Fireworks and Bonfire Safety

Bonfires and the Law

It is a common misconception that there are specific by-laws to prohibit bonfires, there are not. An outright ban would be difficult to enforce and very occasionally a bonfire is the best practical way to dispose of garden waste.

If used sensitively the occasional bonfire should not cause a major problem. However, where a neighbour is causing a problem by burning rubbish, the law can be used for your protection.

Smoke nuisance and air quality

Bonfires produce smoke and pollutants which can damage the environment and can be harmful to health and have an impact on the air quality in Dudley. Please contact us for more information.

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