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Registration of a Food Business Establishment

All food businesses such as restaurants, cafes, takeaways, retail food shops and care homes, that serve food to the public, whether for profit or not, need to be registered by the food business operator with the Council at least 28 days before the business opens.

Food business registration is free of charge. Failure to register a food business is an offence under food legislation which could result in action being taken against you.

Our dedicated team of Environmental Health Officers help to ensure that all food is safe to eat. Most of the work involves inspecting the food businesses, dealing with any complaints and investigating outbreaks of food borne illnesses, though we also sample food and offer advice and information. Please see our Food Safety web pages for more information. 

How do I register my business?

You can apply by any of the following methods:

We aim to process your registration as soon as possible. We will confirm that we have received your notification and will send you an ‘Awaiting Inspection’ sticker to display in your shop window until such time as your business is inspected and a Food Hygiene Rating given to your business. 

Registration cannot be refused and therefore you can continue with your business as soon as you have submitted your registration form. However, we would recommend that you contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can advise you how to meet the required standards.

You can start trading before your application has been granted (i.e. tacit consent will apply). This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us (please note tacit consent will only apply once a full application has been submitted and you have received an acknowledgment from us).

Premises approval

Some food businesses who manufacture high risk products need to have their food business approved, as opposed to registered, by us. These premises are generally manufacturers of products of animal origin, such as meat product (meat pies, cooked meats, slicing and wrapping of bacon) manufacturers or fish processors and are subject to product-specific regulations. The approval of food businesses is also free of charge. For further information and advice please see the Approval of Food Business Premises web page or contact Food.DUE@dudley.gov.uk.

How can I make a complaint about an item of food I have bought?

If you have a complaint about any food or drink you have bought or the state of a food business you have visited you can complain to the Council’s food safety team.

Public register

At present we do not publish our full register of food premises online. However, most registered food businesses appear on our Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.

Where can I get more information?

The Food Standards Agency has useful information on food premises registration. In addition, please refer to our Notes on Food Registered Premises.