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Planning and Building Control information

The possibility of land being contaminated is a material planning consideration which means the Local Planning Authority (LPA) has to consider the potential implications when developing plans and also considering applications for planning permission. For more recent housing developments the potential for land contamination should have been considered and dealt with as part of the planning and development control process. Conditions may have been attached to the planning approval for a particular development requiring that certain investigations and remediation be carried out. Information about the planning history of a site and whether the requirements of planning conditions have been satisfied is available from the Planning Section.

The aim of Building Regulations is to ensure that buildings are safe, energy efficient and accessible, and they include provisions for measures to be taken to protect new buildings and future occupants from the effects of any contamination. Information about ground-related problems such as ground movement, instability, aggressive soil conditions, and contamination and ground gases is available from the Building Control Section.