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Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing

The Licensing Act 2003 replaced previous licensing legislation controlling public entertainments, late night refreshment, theatres, cinemas and Door Supervisors and introduced licensing of late night take away premises including mobiles. Under the Act responsibility for all liquor licensing transferred from the Magistrates Court to the Local Council and made provision for local authorities to act as the licensing authority within their boundaries

The Licensing Act 2003 application forms, together with regulations, fees and more detailed information can be found on the Home Office web site.

Local details and information including our Licensing Policy

Premises Licence allows a premises to be used for different licensable activities including the supply of alcohol, providing regulated entertainment and providing late night refreshment

Personal Licence allows you to sell alcohol and authorise sales of alcohol under the authority of a premises licence.

Temporary Event Notice

If you wish to hold an event at which you are providing alcohol for sale or supply, late night refreshment or regulated entertainment, you will need a temporary event notice. Temporary Event Notice are for the use of premises for one or more licensable activities for a period of up to 168 hours for up to 499 people.

Club Premises Certificate

Club Premises Certificate are for the supply of alcohol by or on behalf of a club to its members for consumption on or off the premises or for the provision of regulated entertainment by the club for its members and guests. It is similar to a Premises Licence but there is no requirement for a qualifying club to have a designated premises supervisor named on the certificate.

Review of Premises / Club Certificates

From time to time there may be difficulties with certain licensed premises that may be in breach of one or more of the licensing objectives. This may require the premises licence or club premises certificate to be reviewed by the council. A review of a premises licence or club premises certificate may be called by any of the responsible authorities or by an interested party such as a resident or person running a business in the vicinity of the licensed premises. Any application for a review that is not considered relevant to the licensing objectives will be refused.