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Grant Applications

Please do not contact the licensing office to chase your application.  For your security, application status enquiries will not be dealt with on the telephone.
Instead, log-in and check your status on the self-serve grant approval portal - the website where you applied for your grant.



News update - Changes for taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence applications and renewals from April 2022
New legislation from the government means that, from 4 April 2022, all taxi drivers, taxi operators, scrap metal dealers and scrap collectors will have a new requirement to prove to their licensing authority that they are registered for tax when they renew their licence.

You can find more information on News update - changes from April 2022


Energy Bills rebate

More information on the £150 energy bills rebate

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What's the difference between Taxi (Hackney Carriage) and private hire vehicles?

Taxi (hackney carriage) vehicles:

can be hailed from the street
can operate from taxi ranks
can be pre-booked if you wish
must have a meter and a fare table displayed
have a yellow plate attached to the rear of the vehicle, an internal vehicle plate on the inside of the door and a vehicle badge inside the vehicle which all show the licence number.

Private hire vehicles:

cannot be hailed in the street
cannot use taxi ranks
must be pre-booked through a licensed operator
have a blue door sticker and a blue plate attached to the rear of the vehicle displaying the licence number.
If you get into a Private Hire car without pre-booking (i.e. if you stop it or find it in the street) you may not be covered by insurance.

Private hire drivers are breaking the law to allow you into an unbooked vehicle. on public safety.

How do I apply to be a Taxi driver?

Can I transfer a vehicle licence?

If you wish to transfer the ownership of your licensed vehicle to someone who wants the Dudley Council hackney carriage license to continue, you will need to complete and submit a 'change of ownership' form to the licensing office which must be accompanied by a valid certificate of insurance, the registration document and if necessary, the vehicle's MOT certificate.

It's necessary for both the seller and the buyer to complete and sign the transfer application. You can then email the completed application to . We will then call you in order to take payment.

There is an administration fee to process a transfer of licence (see fees).

N.B. The Council cannot advise upon the suitability of vehicles offered for sale or for transfer.

Why do I need to take tests to be a taxi driver?

The overriding principle for licensing taxis is the safety of the travelling public, they expect the council to ensure as far as possible that their private hire or hackney carriage driver is both safe and competent to transport them safely to their destination.

We are committed to contributing to a safe transport service and the requirement for applicants to take suitable tests before being granted a licence ensures standards are maintained.

Can I advertise on my taxi?

Advertisements on hackney carriage vehicles

Suitable advertisements may be allowed on the inside and outside of the vehicle, subject to the approval or the council. See the Hackney guide for further information.

Advertisements on private hire vehicles

The holder of a private hire vehicle licence may display a sign on the front and rear windscreen of the vehicle which consists solely of the words "licensed private hire car" and which may be followed by the name and telephone number of the proprietor. The sign is to be of such design, size, colour and type as may be approved by the council. See the Private Hire guide for further information.

Are there any age restrictions on vehicles?

There are currently no age restrictions on private hire or hackney carriage vehicles, however all vehicles (whatever their age) must be tested and inspected to ensure they are mechanically fit and of good appearance before a licence can be granted.

It's the policy of Dudley Council to conduct routine full fitness tests as listed below:

Vehicles from new and less than six years old – every 12 months
Vehicles six years old but less than ten years old – every 6 months
Vehicles over ten years old – every 4 months

Tinted windows - what are the rules and what do they mean?

Our policy with regard to the level of visual light transmittance is as follows:

We will only licence vehicles with:

  • 75% of light passing through the front windscreen
  • 70% of light passing through both front side facing windows
  • Any other side facing glass that has less than 70% of light passing through on proof that this glass was fitted during the manufacture of the vehicle.

No vehicle shall be fitted with any form of additional adhesive film or mirror effect to darken the glass.

I want to purchase an electric vehicle. Can I use that for my taxi?

Please contact us for further information regarding electric vehicles.

What do I do if I have an accident?

You must inform the licensing section, as soon as practicable and in any case within 72 hours or an accident taking place which affects the safety, performance or appearance of your vehicle.

You are reminded that should you be involved in a road traffic accident you MUST comply with section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. It's the duty of the driver to stop, report the accident and give information and, if appropriate, details of vehicle insurance to any person having reasonable grounds to make the request. This includes persons travelling in or upon that vehicle at the time of the accident.

Why do I need to prove my medical fitness?

Taxi and private hire drivers are professional drivers carrying passengers for hire and reward, which often involves night work and extended periods of driving, as well as the requirement to assist both disabled passengers and those with luggage. Because of this, if you apply to be licensed, we will ask you to prove your medical fitness by having a group 2 medical examination with your GP.

Group 2 is the national medical standard for heavy goods vehicle (HGV) and public service vehicle drivers (PSV).

Do I need to undertake a driving standards assessment (driving test)?

Yes, in order to proceed with a driver licence application you must undergo a driving examination set by one of Dudley Councils approved supplier, the cost of which will be borne by you.

What do I do if I have picked up points for speeding?

Penalty points - you are required within seven days to disclose to the Council in writing, details of any conviction imposed by any Court during the period of your licence. This includes any endorsements on your current driver's licence imposed under the provisions of the fixed penalty system.

Having a driving conviction will not necessarily prevent you from being licensed - it depends what the conviction was for and the sentence imposed.​​​

I've lost my badge/ vehicle plate, what do I do?

If your badge/ vehicle plate gets lost or stolen you must report the matter to the police and the licensing office immediately.

Replacement badges or plates can't be issued until you have confirmed the loss or damage in writing.

When does my badge expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When does my DBS (police report) expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When does my medical expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When does my DVLA mandate expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When does my plate expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When is my vehicle test due?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

When does my insurance expire?

All expiry/due dates are printed at the top of your vehicle/driver’s licence.

How do I book my vehicle over the telephone and what is the fee?

Telephone 01384 815050 and a member of the licensing team will make your booking and take the fee.

What are your opening hours?

Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm

What documentation do I need to produce?

DBS – Two forms of photo id and a utility bill (see link to instruction sheet)
DVLA mandate – Share my dvla licence code (see link to instruction sheet)
Renew my badge – DVLA licence share my licence code/Photo DVLA licence/completed forms/fee
New Vehicle licence – Log book/ MOT (if applicable)/Insurance on collection of plate