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Alcohol Licensing under the Licensing Act 2003

The new Licensing regime is now in place and responsibility for all liquor licensing has transferred from Magistrates Courts to Local Councils.

Dudley MBC Licensing Policy

The Licensing Policy is a document that sets out how Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council will carry out its licensing function for the next three years and how it proposes to uphold the four licensing objectives and other initiatives at local level. The Act makes provision for this policy to be the subject of consultation and the list of consultees is attached at Appendix B of the document. The Council will review this policy at least every five years and consult on any proposed revisions.

The current Licensing Policy document can be found at the foot of this page.

Review of The Licensing Policy - This policy went out to consultation in September 2015, was considered by the Licensing and Safety Committee on 21st October 2015 and approved by full Council on 30th November 2015.

The Policy will be reviewed, in accordance with the Statutory five year cycle, in 2020.

Application forms

The changes include new application forms for the following: (which will be available from 6th April 2017).

  • New Personal Licence
  • Disclosure of convictions & civil immigration penalties and declaration
  • Variation of a premises licence to specify an individual as DPS.
  • Consent of individual to being specified as premises supervisor
  • Transfer of a premises licence
  • Interim Authority Notice
  • New Premises Licence
  • Variation of a premises licence
  • Minor variation of a premises licence/club premises certificate
  • Provisional Statement
  • New Club Premises Certificate & Declaration for a club premises certificate to be granted
  • Variation of a club premises certificate
  • Temporary Event Notice
  • Review of a premises licence or club premises certificate
  • Notification of an interest in premises
  • Mandatory alcohol conditions to be disapplied

One of the main changes to the Act is ‘the right to work/immigration status’.

Applicants will have to demonstrate that they have the right to work in the UK and will be required to provide proof of this entitlement (please see list at the foot of the page of acceptable documentation).

Please note that as of the 6th April 2017 we will only accept the new forms which must also be accompanied by the required documentation.

Application forms for the all licences that relate to the Licensing Act 2003 can be downloaded and printed from the Home Office web site. Completed forms should be submitted to the relevant licensing authority. In Dudley, the application form should be forwarded to the Licensing Office. If you require the form to be checked prior to submission please call us first to arrange an appointment for you using the Contact Details box below.

Online Applications - You can now apply and pay for your application online. 

Please use the Service Request Form link below in the Contact Details box to apply online for Premises, Clubs or Temporary Event related licences. Before making an online application please make sure you have the relevant application form downloaded and completed from the Home Office website and that you have the relevant documents (e.g. plans) ready as these will be uploaded with your online application.

Service of Notice on Responsible Authorities

Please remember, if 'Responsible Authorities' are not notified, applications will be deemed incomplete. There is a list of Responsible Authorities and their contact details who need to be notified.

Environmental Health Guidelines to meet Licensing Objectives

Environmental Health Guidance to assist applicants to decide what should be included in their Operating Schedule for Premises with respect to addressing the Licensing Objective of Public Safety - this list is not exhaustive. The document can be found at the foot of this page.


Information about Fee Levels can be found on the Home Office web site. The Licensing Act 2003 ("The Act") provides for fees to be payable to the licensing authority in respect of the discharge of their functions. The fee levels are set centrally by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, at a level to allow licensing authorities full cost recovery for the administration, inspection and enforcement of the new regime.

Centrally set fees removes the previous inconsistencies in fee levels and creates a fair and level playing field across England and Wales.

Changes to acceptance of payments

Following the banks withdrawal of the use of Cheque Guarantee Cards to ‘guarantee’ payment of a cheque the council has revised its policy in relation to payment by cheque.

In accordance with that policy please note that the Licensing Office cannot accept payment of fees by cheque from the 1st August 2011 for the following applications :-

  • Personal Licences

  • Temporary Event Notice

  • Interim Authority

  • Change of name/address for any licences/certificates/permits

  • Copy of any licences/certificates/permits/temporary event notices

Fees can be paid in cash or by debit/credit card.

What if I wish to object to a licence application?

Under the new Licensing Act 2003, residents can now object to a new licensed premise application and a Variation Application (e.g. - an extension of hours). If you wish to make representations with regards to a particular licence this can be done from the current Licences Awaiting Approval for new applications and Variation of Premises Licence list for Variations. Please note that all objections must be received within 28 days of the application being posted.

What happens if my Licence Circumstances change?

Please notify the Licensing Office immediately using the Contact Details box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

This list of frequently asked questions is not exhaustive, and some of the information given is an interpretation of current Government guidelines.

Contact Details

  • Name: Licensing Team
  • Address: Unit 1, Hurst Business Park, Narrowboat Way,Brierly Hill,DY5 1UF
  • Telephone: 01384 815489 or 815377 
  • Opening Hours: Office is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm daily. Applicants are seen by appointment only.
  • Contact: General Contact Form