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You have to register the birth of your baby within 42 days, in the registration district where your baby was born. Babies born at Russells Hall Hospital and elsewhere within the Dudley Borough can be registered at either Dudley Register Office, Dudley Council Plus or Stourbridge Registration Office.

Important - To prevent unnecessary waiting for you, we use an appointment system. It is unlikely that we will be able to see you if you come without an appointment.

To make an appointment to register a birth please telephone Dudley Council Plus 0300 555 2345

Lines open 08:00 – 17.00 weekdays and 09:00 – 12:00 Saturdays

Office opening hours and location details


Who can register a birth

It is usual for the baby’s mother to register the birth. However, if the baby’s mother is married to the father at the time of the birth, it is equally possible for him to register the birth.

If the baby’s mother and father are not married, we can enter the father’s details in the register if both parents come together to register the birth. If that is not possible, please phone the register office for advice. When the father's details are entered into the register both parents will have parental responsibility.

Where to register a birth

You must register the birth in the registration district in which your baby was born. If your baby was born in Russells Hall Hospital, this can be at Dudley Council Plus, Dudley Register Office (Priory Hall) or Stourbridge Registration Office (Thomas Robinson Building). If it is not convenient for you to visit a register office in the district where your baby was born, you can go to any other register office in England or Wales to make a 'Declaration of the Particulars'. In that case, you will receive any birth certificates you need by post.

Information required to register

For baby - We will need:

  • details of the date and place of the baby’s birth (if the baby is a twin, triplet and so on, we will need the time of each baby’s birth);
  • whether the baby is a boy or girl; and
  • the first names and surname of your baby.

For baby's father - If you want us to enter details into the register, we will need:

  • his first names and surname;
  • the date and place of his birth; and
  • his occupation at the time of your baby’s birth (or if he is unemployed, we will need details of his last occupation).

For baby's mother -We will need:

  • her first names and any surnames which you have used before and since your marriage (if this applies);
  • her date and place of birth;
  • her address;
  • her occupation (if this applies);
  • the date of marriage (if this applies; and
  • the number of previous children (by the present and any former husbands or partners).

It is very important that the information in the register is correct. If any mistake is made, it is not always possible to have it corrected, so you should check the entry in the register very carefully before you sign.

Birth Certificate

After the information has been recorded into the birth register you will be able to purchase as many certified copies of the registration, known as 'birth certificates' as you would like. You can purchase short (showing baby's names, date and place of birth) and full (showing the parents' details as well as baby's details) birth certificates when you register. Most organisations insist on seeing the 'full birth certificate' for official purposes. Certificates purchased at the time of the registration are £11 each.

Re-register a Birth

Under certain circumstances it may be possible to add to the information recorded at the time of the original registration.

If baby's birth is registered without showing the father's details, it is possible to add this information at a later date.

If baby's natural parents marry each other after the birth has been registered, the birth should be re-registered showing the updated information.

For more information on re-registration please visit where you can download an application form. Please return completed and signed application forms to Dudley register Office, Priory Hall, Priory Park, Dudley DY1 4EU with the supporting documentation required.

We will check the information on your form and contact you to arrange an appointment for you to attend the register office within a few days to attest the re-registration.

Registering a stillbirth

Sadly not every pregnancy ends with a healthy baby. If your baby is not born alive you will need an appointment to register a stillbirth.

Tell us Once

When you make an appointment to register a birth you will be informed of our tell us once service. The service means that when you register a birth we will tell all government agencies and council departments that need to know, on your behalf, saving you time and effort.

If you choose to use our tell us once service, in addition to the the information required above you will also need to bring:

  • a completed child benefit application form - if a claim is going to be made

  • national insurance number - mother and/or father

  • telephone number - mother and/or father

  • details of any benefits being received, or applied for by mother and/or father

  • if the mother has a partner to whom they are not married and they live in the same household with, they will need to provide the partner's national insurance number and/or date of birth, plus information about any benefits that they may be receiving.

You will need to get the permission from the people concerned to give us this information.

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a personalised way of celebrating the birth of your child and welcoming the new arrival into your family. It can also be utilised for welcoming stepchildren or adoptive children into a new family. It is a unique opportunity to pledge your parental commitment to the child, before your family and friends. Also other adult friends or relatives can acknowledge their special relationship with the child or children.

Each ceremony can be tailor made to incorporate the individual needs and wishes of the family. Families can include their own selection of words, readings and music to personalise the ceremony to the child or children involved.

Included in the ceremony is a celebratory certificate, which is signed by the parents, any supporting adults and the registrar. The child or children can be of any age. The parents, legal guardians, or anyone who hold parental responsibility can arrange a ceremony regardless of martial status, cultural or religious beliefs. The ceremony has no legal standing.

It is possible to conduct the ceremonies at Priory Hall, Dudley or at any of the approved premises within the borough. ( A list of venues can be obtained from the register office).

The fees for the ceremony will depend up the where and when the ceremony is held. This can be discussed with a member of register office staff.

Language Problems

If English is not your first language, please feel free to bring a friend or relative with you to help. But you must register the birth personally, you cannot ask a friend or relative to attend instead of you.