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Household support fund

Applications for the household support fund are now paused. Please come back and check this website for when the scheme will re-open.

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Traditional wood coffins are still the most popular type of coffin, however there is increasing interest in greener options for burial and cremation. Coffins made of recyclable and eco-friendly materials such as bamboo, wool, wicker, cardboard or willow are becoming more popular, and there are lots of options and finishes available.

Choosing a coffin can be distressing, but with the help of sensitive funeral teams there are lots of options available to honour the wishes of the departed. You can choose a coffin, casket or shroud that is individual, and reflects a person’s beliefs, interests and/or personality.

Gornal Wood cemetery has a “Woodland burial” area and welcomes alternative coffins for either burial or cremation, as do many others.