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The Black Country Coroner serves the residents of Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall and Wolverhampton. The Coroner investigates unexplained, unexpected and unnatural deaths.

The Coroners for the for the Black Country are:

  • Mr Zafar Siddique, Senior Coroner
  • Mrs Joanne M. Lees, Area Coroner

By email:
By phone: 0121 569 7200

Jack Judge House in Oldbury, where inquests also take place. The address is:

Black Country Coroner's Court
Jack Judge House
Halesowen Street
West Midlands B69 2AJ

The opening hours of the Coroner's Office are Monday to Wednesday 8am to 4pm, Thursday 9am to 4pm and Friday 8am to 3.30pm.

For more information outside normal office hours, please call West Midlands Police on 101 who may be able to assist you.

Hospital and GP referrals within the Black Country

Hospitals and GPs must refer deaths using the coroner’s web portal. Any attachments, such as medical/history reports, need to be scanned and emailed to

Please access the Black Country Coroners Service

Please note: this is strictly for use by GPs and hospital staff only.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coroner Service?

The Coroner is an independent judicial officer discharging duties in accordance with the Coroners Act 1988 and other relevant legislation. Although appointed and paid by the local authority, the Coroner is not a local government officer but holds office under the Crown. Coroners are required to have a general legal qualification or be a legally-qualified medical practitioner – in either case of not less than 5 years’ standing.
The duties of the Coroner are to:
  • investigate the circumstances of the deaths of all persons who have died within their jurisdiction where they have reason to believe that the death was violent, unnatural or of unknown cause
  • decide whether a post mortem examination is necessary for the purpose of their investigation and, if so, give directions to an appropriate medical practitioner;
  • hold an inquest, with or without a jury, where they are satisfied that they are required to do so in accordance with Section 8 of the Coroners Act 1988;
  • notify the Registrar of Deaths of the findings of the inquest or, if no inquest is held, of the fact that the death reported to them does not need to be subject to an inquest;
  • pay the relevant fees and allowances to witnesses and jurors, and to submit accounts to the Council;
  • make annual returns to the Secretary of State in connection with the inquests held and deaths they have inquired into; and
  • appoint a Deputy Coroner and, if required, an Assistant Deputy Coroner.
The Council is responsible for appointing the Coroner, but may only do so with the approval of the Home Secretary.

Removing the body out of England or Wales

There is no restriction on moving bodies within England and Wales, but you need to notify the coroner for the district in which the body is lying if you want to move the body of the deceased to Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Island, or overseas.

Repatriation of Deceased Body from Abroad

Repatriation of Deceased Body from Abroad

1. My relative has died abroad (while staying/living there/on holiday). What do I do to get them buried/cremated here?

2. I am the funeral director/undertaker who has been asked to take care of the arrangements for a person who has died abroad?

Firstly has the Coroner for this district been informed? (Absolutely essential)
If NO - Refer them to the coroner as the death must be cleared by him.
If YES - then you can obtain a Certificate of No Liability to Register ONLY from a Registrar for the District where the body is to be buried/cremated, on production of all related paperwork (death certificate etc.) 

Repatriation of Deceased Body Abroad

I wish to register a death, but the body is to be taken abroad for burial/cremation?

You must contact the Coroner to give NOTICE and obtain the necessary form 104 (REV) for removing the body from England.

You must register the death at the Register Office for the District where the death occurred in the usual way and inform the Registrar that the Coroner has authorised the removal of the body from England. Dudley Registration Celebratory