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Most people choose to entrust the organisation of a funeral to a professional funeral director. They do so partly for reasons of convenience at what is generally a stressful time, but also to ensure that the remains of the deceased are disposed of with dignity and propriety.

Friends, family, clergy or your doctor may be able to suggest reputable organisations, but the trade associations might also be helpful. There are two trade associations which operate within the funeral business that can provide further advice and guidance:

A list of Local Funeral Directors is available on this site; however please note that the Council does not accept any responsibility in relation to these companies and the services that they supply.

The Council is unable to offer you rights and standards related to the use of a funeral director. In view of this, information is included to help you understand how funeral directing operates. It will enable you to ask questions appropriate to your needs when you consider the arrangement of a funeral.

  • Information
  • Price Transparency
  • Range of Facilities
  • Innovations in Funeral Directing
  • Ownership of Firms
  • Municipal Funeral Services
  • The Law
  • Paying For The Funeral
  • Donations at Funerals