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Services for carers from Dudley Council

The Care Act 2014 sets out carers rights in law, giving them the same rights to support as the person they care for. The Act, introduces a national eligibility criteria for carers, which local authorities must use when deciding if a carers’ needs meet the new rules and therefore have eligible needs for support.

If the council decides that you are not eligible for care and support, we will still be able to offer information and advice through the Dudley Carers Network.

A lot of support for carers is provided in the form of support for the person you care for. This can range from advice and equipment through to longer term support. People who meet out criteria for longer term support can now have a personal budget to give more choice in how to arrange that care. Please take a look at this section in our website for details of the range of services and how we calculate how much the person would have to pay (if the service has a cost) to see what might be available.

If you feel that the person you care for needs support now, or you need support to care please contact us to arrange a carers' assessment.

Carers' Assessment

From the 6th April 2015, local authorities across England must ensure that carers who have an appearance of need for support are offered a carers’ assessment. A carers’ assessment is an opportunity for you to discuss with the council your needs and feelings as a carer and what support or services you need to help you continue caring.

:: more information on carers' assessment

:: more information on the national eligibility threshold (what you may be entitled to) for carers

:: more information on carers' support planning

Carers 'Peace of Mind' Emergency Card Scheme

This scheme aims to gives you peace of mind that should something happen to you the person you care for will be supported. It is administered by Dudley Carers Network in partnership with Dudley Telecare Service.

Any carer living in the Borough who supports an adult can join the basic scheme wherever the person you care for lives. We record your information on the Dudley Telecare Service database. We send you a card and key fob with a unique code number and a 24/7 365 days a year emergency telephone number. If you, the carer, have an emergency they will contact the nominated people to tell them their support is needed. Complete the application form or contact the Carers Network for a copy.

Note: Carers of children with disabilities can also have an Emergency Card. You will need to contact the Children with Disabilities Team

Looking after me - helping carers to maintain their own health

Looking after Me is the carers’ version of the Expert Patient Programme (EPP) which is for anyone with a long term illness and disability. This is a self management course for adult carers with long-term health problems including stress and tiredness. It aims to help carers to learn new coping skills, develop the confidence to take more control of their life and meet with others who share similar experiences. Carers need to commit to one, three hour session a week for six weeks. Some courses are open to all carers; others focus on carers of people with a specific illness or disability. Call 01384 816 437 or email for dates and venues.

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