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Welcome to your new home

Welcome to your new home. You can move in as soon as you have the keys and have signed the tenancy agreement. Your rent is payable from the date the tenancy starts.

We want your home to be somewhere you are proud to live. Our housing teams work to help make your home and estate clean, tidy, well maintained and free from nuisance and anti-social behaviour.

We cannot achieve these things without your help and we ask you treat your property and neighbours with respect, keep to your tenancy conditions, and ask for help if you have any problems.

Paying your rent - Direct Debit is the easiest, safest and quickest way to pay your rent. It is the only type of payment backed by guarantee which gives you greater protection. If you are interested in the benefits of Direct Debit and haven’t already signed up, please contact our Direct Debit team on 01384 815024.

New tenancy visit

When you sign up you will get an appointment for your housing manager to visit you.

This visit is an opportunity for you to ask questions about your tenancy and housing services. You will be able to raise anything you may have read in our handbooks and need further advice about.

You will receive your 'conditions of tenancy for introductory tenants handbook', which will be upgraded to a ‘conditions of tenancy for secure tenants handbook’ once you have completed your probation period. You should read these conditions and keep them in a safe place. These can be viewed on the 'your tenancy' page.

Ending your tenancy and moving home

If you wish to leave your property you must give four weeks notice. You will also need to arrange a pre-termination visit with one of our Property Liaison Officers by contacting Dudley Council Plus. See termination of tenancies for further information.

Repairs Management Centre

The Repairs Management Centre is open seven days a week from 8am until 8pm to report your repairs-related problems. This means if you have a problem over the weekend you can report it immediately rather than waiting until Monday morning. The telephone number is 0300 555 8283.

If you have an emergency situation during the hours the Repairs Management Centre is closed you should still use the same telephone number to speak to the emergency team.

:: more on repairs and improvements

Contacting the council / Dudley Council Plus

Contacting Dudley Council is easy with our Dudley Council Plus service. This single point of contact enables you to pay for and access information on any council service.

Home Contents Insurance (tenants and leaseholders)

Many council tenants and leaseholders believe that we automatically insure furniture, belongings and decorations against theft, fire, vandalism, or burst pipes. This is not the case. Unfortunately, many people only realise this after the damage has been done.

The council offers a scheme at competitive rates, underwritten by a reputable insurance company. 

Compliments, complaints and feedback

We need to know how our service is being received, because without feedback we will not know where changes or praise are needed. You have the right to complain, or compliment us regarding the service according to how we have performed.

:: more on compliments and complaints

Frequently asked questions

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