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Travellers are accessing my land, what can I do?

The following frequently asked questions give advice if travellers are accessing your land.

People are coming onto my property with the intention of setting up camp, what can I do to stop them?

Unfortunately there is little you can do to stop them coming onto your land unless you can obstruct the entry point.

They are aggressive and threatening, what can I do?

It is advisable to contact the police.

Who is responsible for getting people removed from my land?

As the landowner, you are responsible.

What legislation can I use to remove people from my property?

It is advisable to speak to your solicitor.

Where can I get some advice on how to deal with the unauthorised encampment?

Contact the council for advice - contact details below.

My business is being affected by the unauthorised encampment, what can I do?

Contact the council for advice - contact details below.

How can the police help?

If you would like further information or advice from the police about incursions, please call 101 - the police non-emergency number. If you require immediate assistance ring 999.

Can I employ a company to assist in removing the travellers?

Yes, you can employ bailiffs for advice and to assist you.

The unauthorised encampment has gone, but left a lot of mess, whose responsibility is it to get it removed?

As the landowner you are responsible for the removal of any waste.

Who can remove the waste left?

Any licensed waste contractor can remove the waste.

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