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Below you can find information on termination of your tenancy, including your responsibilities for moving out of your home, what to do if you or someone you know is moving into permanent residential or nursing home care, or what to do if a family member who is a tenant has passed away.

Moving Out Of Your Council Home

There is so much you need to do when you are moving home, but during this very stressful and demanding experience it can be easy to forget some of the things you need to do.

This guide provides you with the details of your responsibilities as an outgoing tenant, with regard to your current property, as well as providing you with details of the council’s responsibilities during the process.

You should use this information hand in hand with your pre-termination visit and we will be happy to deal with any of your questions. We want your move to be a smooth and successful one.

Moving In To Permanent Residential Or Nursing Home Care

Whenever a council tenant leaves a council property it is important that the council is notified by calling 0300 555 2345. Only the named person or persons on the tenancy agreement can remain in the property.

When a tenant moves into permanent residential or nursing home care the care home will need to write to housing services confirming that the tenant is now in their care.

Advice For Relatives Of Tenants Who Have Passed Away

When a person has passed away their death needs to be registered with the council’s registration service. If they were a Dudley Council tenant you will also need to inform housing services by calling 0300 555 2345.

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