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Landowners are responsible for any unauthorised encampments on their land. The site protection measures below will not guarantee unauthorised access, but will make privately owned land less inviting.


Mounds and/or ditches make it difficult for a vehicle and trailer/caravan to gain access without risking damage to the vehicles. Mounds are generally formed using rubble/subsoil as a base, with a suitable topsoil finish for either grass seeding/planting.


A strong, robust gate will help deter access. The gate will need to be secured with a toughened padlock. Metal gates/barriers are more desirable than wooden gates.

Height barrier

A secured height barrier will restrict access to vehicles over 1.8m high. Toughened steel padlocks and 'boxing' in the connection will make it more difficult for access to be gained. If this is coupled with a metal field gate it will also help to restrict access.

Fencing / Barriers

There are many different types of fencing available. The most robust is steel palisade. Wooden close board fencing generally looks better but is more vulnerable to damage and vandalismThe local Planning Authority should be consulted on this type of fencing before going ahead with construction.

A secured height barrier will restrict access to vehicles over 1.8m high and care should always be taken to ensure barriers are secured as intended.

Using wooden/metal/concrete posts will deter informal access but will not be sufficient to deter those more intent on gaining access.

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