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Council homes repairs and improvements

We have a dedicated Repairs Management Centre which is staffed by well trained operators who are committed to providing a quality service to all tenants.

We aim to ensure that your repair enquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively.

If after your repairs have been carried out you find excess waste left behind by Council employees, please phone us on 0300 555 8283 to report it.

How to report a repair

There are four ways for you to report your fault:

1. Call the Repairs Management Centre on 0300 555 8283 - the centre operates from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week, for routine and urgent repairs, and will deal with all emergency repairs outside of these hours.


2. On-line – simply log the details onto our repairs system via Interfinder. When you report a fault it's important that you give us as much information as possible. To help you, the Interfinder link contains a number of labelled diagrams to help you to describe the fault in your home.


3. You can download a free app to contact the council about a multitude of services, including reporting repairs. To get the free app simply go to your app store and search Dudley Council and then download it to your mobile device. The app is called ‘Dudley Council’. To report any repairs select ‘housing repairs’ from the app - it will show you the status of the repairs you have reported and give you the option to report a new repair. You are then guided through option categories, enabling us to gather as much information as possible – you can even submit a photograph as a visual aid.


4. If you have digital television with interactive services, you can report your repair from the comfort of your living room. Reporting a repair is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week, via the interactive button on your remote control. If you would like to view the service online go to

Tenants who are deaf/hard of hearing who need to report repairs

If you are deaf or hard of hearing you can use our special text service to report your repair issues from your mobile phone. The number to text your message to is 07797 870353. Please note this service should not be used by tenants who do not have a hearing impairment.

Repairs appointments

We will always try to offer you a convenient appointment for your repair work to be undertaken or for an officer to visit. Timeslots are available as follows:

  • All day - morning or afternoon
  • Morning (AM)
  • Evening (PM)
  • Avoiding school runs


Before you allow anyone access to your home you should insist on seeing their Identification Card. All Council employees and its approved contractors are issued with identity cards.

If you have any concerns regarding a caller please contact our Repairs Management Centre on 0300 555 8283.

It is very important that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep the appointment for our operative to visit your property. Simply call 0300 555 8283.

Freephone facilities

There are freephone facilities in various locations around the borough, so that you can call us. The phones have been located in special booths clearly identifiable as a Dudley Council freephone. All you have to do is pick up the phone and follow the instructions given to you. There is no need to dial or money to pay to contact us.

Customer satisfaction

We are committed to improving the services we provide to our customers. We work hard to get things right, but we know there is often room for improvement. By asking customers what they think, we can identify where we could do better and take the necessary steps.

Please complete the survey forms if you are sent them – or write in if you have ideas about how our services could be improved.

Use the below links to make a complaint or compliment or for more information on our performance:

Please find downloadable information for housing repairs below.