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Sheltered Housing is affordable accommodation that has been designed for older individuals to assist them to continue to live independently. There is access to emergency assistance, communal areas, and regular visits from our support staff who aim to promote independence and quality of life.

What is Sheltered Housing?

Sheltered Housing is rented accommodation available to those over 55. Although living independently tenants have access to communal areas, 24 hour emergency assistance via the Dudley Telecare system, and support from the Living Co-ordinator who will encourage independence and ensure good health.

Sheltered Housing offers tenants:

  • A safe, secure and warm place to live.
  • Support from staff to promote independence.
  • Access to Dudley Telecare in the case of an emergency.
  • Tenancy legal rights.
  • Guest bedroom for friends and relatives.
  • An easy to manage home.

Specially Built Accommodation

There are 11 specially built Sheltered Housing schemes that each offer the following:

  • Communal facilities such as lounge, kitchen, laundry and garden.
  • A guest room available to book.
  • Staff available on site.
  • Telecare community alarm.
  • Opportunities for social events, day trips and holidays.
  • Spacious maintained gardens.

See Sheltered Scheme Locations and Contact Numbers.

Who is Sheltered Housing For?

Sheltered Housing is available to those from 55 years but in some instances properties may be given to individuals under that age bracket.

Residents can be fit, active and are completely independent, but simply want a little extra security and company. Other residents may need more care and support, which can be provided on-site if required.

We are committed to reducing loneliness and isolation by providing communal facilities that enable tenants to socialise with each other, and participate in activities and events.

Our Sheltered Housing schemes provide real homes where we believe residents can enjoy life to the full and live as independently as possible.

The Supported Living Coordinator – Roles & Responsibilities

Each Sheltered Housing scheme is managed by an on-site Supported Living Coordinator during the day. They have a duty to keep in touch with each tenant and to deal with any problems or emergencies appropriately.

The Supported Living Coordinator will:

  • Aim to provide a quality professional sheltered housing service which is flexible and responsive to individual people’s needs and preferences.
  • Carry out wellbeing assessments to promote independence, health and overall wellbeing.
  • We will support in resolving tenancy management issues.
  • Signpost and work with other agencies to enable independent living.
  • Respect tenant’s rights and dignity at all times and ensure confidentiality.
  • Be responsible for health and safety of the building in line with regulations.
  • Provide a safe and secure environment.
  • Support tenants with repair issues.
  • Respond and support emergency services when required.

If emergency assistance is required when the Supported Living Coordinator is not on duty it can be obtained via the Dudley Telecare service.

Services and pets

Our cleaning contractor is employed to clean the communal areas only. They are not able to do any cleaning in tenant’s own homes. If tenants have any comments or complaints about the cleaning service they should notify the Supported Living Coordinator.

Service Charges
Service charges are currently made for communal lighting and heating. If tenants are eligible, then Housing Benefit will cover the charge in part or whole.

The Council’s gardeners will keep the gardens tidy on a regular basis. If tenants have any comments or complaints about the gardening service they should notify the Supported Living Coordinator.

Some pets are allowed as long as they do not cause a nuisance. If you wish to keep a pet you will need our permission, and in the first instance you should speak to your Supported Living Coordinator.

My Story

Mr F has lived in one of our Sheltered Housing apartments for the past 20 years. He moved there when caring for his wife, and was feeling isolated and concerned about the safety and security of his previous home. Watch the video below to find out more about his story and how the Sheltered Housing Scheme has helped him.

Sheltered Housing- Mr F