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Moving out of your council home

Moving out of your council home

There is so much you need to do when you are moving home, but during this very stressful and demanding experience it can be easy to forget some of the things you need to do. 

This guide provides you with the details of your responsibilities as an outgoing tenant, with regard to your current property, as well as providing you with details of the council’s responsibilities during the process.

You should use this information hand in hand with your pre-termination visit and we will be happy to deal with any of your questions. We want your move to be a smooth and successful one.

Your pre-termination visit

Once you have informed us that you are moving from your home you will be visited by one of our Property Liaison Officers. During this meeting you will be told of any issues which need to be addressed prior to handing in your keys.

If you are moving to another council house we will carry out this visit before the final offer for your new property is made.

An inspection will take place and if we identify any re-chargeable repairs these costs will need to be paid in full prior to you transferring to your new property.

We will advise you of the cost of the re-chargeable repairs verbally, then confirm by letter.

If you prefer, you can carry out the work yourself, or use a tradesperson of your choice, as long as it is to an acceptable standard. If you decide to do this your house will be re-inspected prior to your transfer. Details of recommended tradespeople/companies can be found on the Fix A Home website. This is a scheme set up between Dudley Council and Age UK and shows companies who have been vetted and recommended. Go to fix-a-home.

Your responsibilities - a checklist

You must leave the property in a safe and clean condition when you move and there are various companies/suppliers you will need to notify of your change of address.

General to do

  • Remove all items of furniture, personal belongings, photos, etc
  • Fill and smooth over any holes in walls from wall hangings, etc
  • Carry out any re-chargeable repairs identified during your pre-termination visit
  • Remove any non-standard fixtures & fittings where permission has not been given by the council for them to remain
  • Clear and tidy up your front and rear gardens
  • Clear any outhouse buildings
  • Clear any items stored in the loft

If you have any furniture, etc, which you no longer want but need to be cleared from the property, why not get in touch with a local charity who often do it free of charge to help with their own fundraising.

There are also specialist companies who deal with house clearances, but here may be a charge. Some of these companies are detailed in the Fix-a-HomeScheme.


If your pre-termination visit identified any non-standard council flooring (including carpets and laminate) you will need to remove it unless the Property Liaison Officer has given you permission to leave it. Once any floor coverings have been removed please sweep/vacuum/mop all floors. Clean all cupboards, work surfaces, toilets, bathrooms, skirting boards, door casings and doors.


It is important that you notify your utility companies before you move to ensure your account is closed on your moving date. It is your responsibility to notify these companies of your final meter reading.

Utilities include:

  • Gas (even if you pay via key/fob)
  • Electricity (even if you pay via key/card)
  • Water
  • TV License (you will need to transfer your new address)

 Change of address

You should notify relevant companies of your change of address to ensure you continue to receive your post. If you want to have your post forwarded this can be arranged via the Post Office for a nominal fee for an allocated amount of time.

Of course, it is cheaper to notify each person/company of the change yourself.

You should notify:

  • Family & friends
  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Children's schools and colleges
  • Doctors, hospitals and other health providers
  • paper and magazine subscriptions

Dudley Council does not take responsibility for any post received at the property once the keys have been handed in.

Paying your rent

If you are transferring to another council property

If you are transferring to another council property, your notice will be shorter than the 28 days and the rent payment schedule will be fully explained to you when you sign for your new property.

Any debts due to Housing Services will need to be cleared prior to your move, or the transfer will be delayed or withdrawn.

We can accommodate a hand over period between two properties to make it easier for you. If you are in receipt of housing benefit they will not pay rent on an empty property, but you are still liable for the charge. The second rent will be payable by yourself

If you are moving into a non council property

If you are moving to a non council property it is important that you have paid all rent owed on the property upon termination of your tenancy.

When you hand in your notice you will automatically receive four weeks to move.

If you hand in your keys prior to the end of the four week notice period it does not reduce the rent payable - it will continue to accrue for the full term.

Information for everyone leaving our properties

The Property Liaison Officer may make arrangements to carry out a ‘move out day’ where an officer will collect the keys from you at the property and carry out an inspection to ensure that the property has been left in a satisfactory condition and to discuss potential recharges. You will be advised if this can be arranged.

Handing in keys

You can hand in your keys at various locations throughout the borough and you will receive a receipt for your records. Your keys can be dropped in at any of these locations:

  • Brierley Hill Library
  • Halesowen Library
  • Stourbridge Library
  • Dudley Council Plus

Moving out - the council's responsibilities

We have a responsibility to carry out the following:

  • Pre-termination visit
  • Issue of receipt when keys are handed in
  • Notice/disclaimer completion

Additional information?

Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345 or visit us online at Council Housing and we will be happy to help you.

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