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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
Dudley Skyline

A listed building is a building of "Special Architectural or Historic Interest". The official listing is compiled and managed by English Heritage and is frequently reviewed and changed.

You will need to get listed building consent from the council before carrying out any building works that affect the character of a listed building. This includes internal and external works, structures touching the listed building and separate buildings within its curtilage.

If you are the owner of a listed building you are responsible for looking after it. The council can insist that owners of listed buildings carry out any works to preserve the building. Further support and advice for the owners of listed buildings is available from English Heritage.

Any work that would affect the character of a Statutory Listed Building needs prior consent. This includes internal work as well as external and any works that involve alteration or demolition. The requirement for Listed Building Consent is in addition to any requirement for planning permission.


Buildings are graded according to their importance:

  • International importance - Grade I
  • National importance - Grade II*
  • Regional importance - Grade II

Churches are listed A, B, and C, which are equivalent to Grade I, II* and II respectively. Some listed buildings are Scheduled Monuments.

A to Z of Listed Buildings in Dudley

The statutory list is compiled by the Secretary of State hence they are referred to as 'Listed Buildings'. They are given special protection against inappropriate alteration or demolition.

View the list of Statutory Listed Buildings

View the list of Locally Listed Buildings

Local List

The Council has also compiled a Locally Listed Buildings of historic buildings in the Borough that do not meet the national criteria for inclusion on the statutory lists which are nevertheless worthy of protection and conservation in their own right.