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Under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992, permission is required to display most advertisements and signs. However, there are many exceptions due to the regulations being quite complicated.

Further information about the advertisement regulations is available from the DCLG booklet: Outdoor Advertisements and Signs: A Guide for Advertisers

The council has also issued its own Planning Guidance Note 11: Advertisement display guide which outlines the general problems and opportunities of outdoor advertising, and by laying down general guidelines, seeks to encourage a high standard of sympathetic design in respect of such proposals.

Important Notes

Even if Advertisement Consent is not required, if your property is a listed building in some circumstances listed building consent may be required. For further advice and information please contact the Historic Environment Team using the details below.

Before displaying any sign you are strongly advised to contact us (details below) with a drawing of your proposals to seek confirmation that you will not need to make an application.


Planning Permission is always required for the installation of a new shopfront, or the material alteration of an existing shopfront, a full planning application will need to be made in this instance.

Particular care should be taken in the design of shopfronts in Listed Buildings or within a Conservation Area, you may wish to contact the Historic Environment Team for further advice.

Outdoor Advertisements

Express consent is required for the majority of outdoor advertisements, including shop signs and poster boards. For example all illuminated adverts require consent. There are however, certain exceptions.

You should contact the Planning Help Desk to find out whether you will require consent for your proposed adverts.